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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Premium Beautiful : Say NO To Saggy Butt

Are you happy with your butt?

Do you dream of having a sexy butt like Beyonce?

Or a curvylicious butt like Kim?

Everybody will die for a pair of booty like em.but the fact is, only some are blessed with naturally nice booties and most of us will have to work hard to achieve one!

So back to reality,

Does your butt looks like this?

or this?

Most of us aren't happy with our butts. We think they're too small, too big, too saggy, too flabby and this list goes on and on.

The saggy butt is one of the top complaints of both men and women, but it’s also one of the easiest muscles to tone and shape! The buttocks are controlled by the gluteal muscles, which are among the largest muscles of the body and provide support for sitting, standing and squatting. Because these muscles are so large and are used every day, they respond very quickly to toning.

Every woman wants a nice firm butt. The butt area is however also the so called problem area for a lot of women. Women carry a lot of fat deposits in this area because it serves them during their childbearing years. Female bodies are not very willing to give up these fat cells, so women really need to choose the right exercises and workouts to trim and tone the gluteus maximus!

And trust me, by only DIETING will NOT help you firm up those droopy cheeks.

Butt firming requires the right DIET, EXERCISE and a MOULD that could assist on the firming.

For me, healthy and sexy butt is only when the butt is round, firm and without cellulites. So ladies, here's simple tips on how to achieve your round booty.


1) Control your food intake. Lower down on fatty oily foods, sugar, carbo and as usual add up more protein and fiber into your diet.

2) Drink plenty of water to detox the body and to remove ORANGE PEEL CELLULITES!

3) Fruits and Nuts are always the best option for snackings.


1) The squat: This is the best exercise you can do to tone the thigh area and the buttocks. It will not only tighten things up back there, but it will also help build lean muscle.

2)The lunge: This is an exercise that has gained considerable attention in recent years for its ability to strengthen the muscles in your legs and firm up your buttucks.

3) Plies: Pronounced “pleeay”, this is actually a ballet move and is fabulous for your butt and inner thighs

4) Kickback: This is a great exercise to tighten and lift your butt, and it also works your thighs.



After all the light workout and diet,the Premium Beautiful Corset acts as a mould to the butt and hips to make it stay in shape!The corset is embedded with Far Infra Red rays that helps burn 900 calories a day by just wearing it 8 hours daily!

Wear it daily, wear it consistently and you may see your dream butt in no time!

I've tried,and here I present to you, my roundish butt.LOL!

Try it to believe it!

The key to seeing results – lifting and firming your butt – is consistency. If you faithfully do all the suggested above andatleast 3 sets of each of these exercises at least 3 times per week, you WILL see results. Make sure that you stretch well before you start each time so that you don’t pull a muscle. Also, warm muscles respond better to exercise than cold ones do.

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