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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ipoh New Hollywood

Who says Hollywood is only in Los Angeles??

We have our own version of Hollywood right here in Ipoh Canning Garden. The only difference between the two Hollywoods are the one in LA is mainly for entertainment, movie stars and celebrities and the one we find here in Ipoh is mainly for local food lovers who just can resist HALAL Chinese Food!

So which one would you prefer?

Dumping your money on celebrities that you only get to meet once and probably forget your name after that or indulging in good food that makes your tummy happy???


Just like Nasi Ganja in my previous post, New Hollywood Restaurant is a Chinese Coffee Shop with individual hawkers selling delicious food like Fried Kuey Teow, Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun, Chicken Rice, Wantan Mee, Char Koay and many more!

New Hollywood is located at Lee Kwee Foh Canning Garden Ipoh, a corner shop in the housing area.Normally, a chinese coffee shop would always be the last thing in mind when we think of halal food establishment in the country.

As for muslims, we are lucky cause the coffee shop owner has been breaking religious barriers for over 30 years and making us muslim feeling safe when indulging in chinese food. To maintain his shop credibility, he makes it complusary for all stalls operating in it to obtain their ingredients from halal-certified suppliers and to also display certificates stating o at their stalls.

I'm sure everything was tough at first as he had to slowly gain the trust of malay community, but as word spreaded, the numbers of malay customers increased and 70% of their customers are all muslim!

I guess the decision to turn halal wasn’t easy for the owner, but his hard work has paid off as now, his Restoran New Hollywood is a favourite among Muslims in Ipoh who have a taste for Chinese food.

Almost everybody throughout Malaysia would know that New Hollywood is the best for HALAL chinese food.

Try it cause my whole family and I, we LOVE IT!

My personal favorite.The Hong Kong Chee Cheng Fun. Mouth watering dish!
It is not like the normal ones, this Chee Cheong Fun is stuffed with chicken or prawns and served with sweet soy sauce, fried shallots and sambal!
According to mom, we can never find halal ones in KL.

Freshly made right infront of your eyes!

Only RM3.30 a plate and a choice of Chicken or prawns! Both are deliciously GOOD!

The second most delicious dish is definitely the Char Koay Teow!
I love mine spicy! Served pipping hot with fresh cockles and prawns, simply amazing!

Another option that you may request from the auntie is Fried Beehoon. Not bad tho, but I still love Char Koay Teow!

They have Wantan Mee too. Served with deliciously stuffed wantans with fresh prawns.

Mom loves the deep fried fishcakes and Tofu. Not Bad! Comes with its sticky sweet chilli sauce. A good dish for sharing!

And as for dessert, get it from the Happy Char Koay stall. They serve crispy sweet Char Koays and Kuih Bakul. Not sure of the name in english.

We LOVE new Hollywood and it will always be the place for us to indulge in whenever we're in IPOH.

You should try too!


Else you can always have your chinese food at New Vegas, a HALAL chinese coffee shop too that operates from 5PM to 12am behind New Hollywood.

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