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Friday, February 24, 2012

Premium Beautiful : Why women should wear corsets


A corset is a garment or innerwear worn to hold and shape the body either for beauty or medical purposes. Both Men and women are known to wear corsets, although majority wearers are women.

The history of corsets goes back many, many years ago starting with a desire to reduce the waist and exaggerate the body's natural curves.

If you happen to watch movies like Gone With The Wind, Pirates of The Carribean or even Moulin Rouge you may notice that the ladies are mostly with corsets as those movies reflects time back in the early 19th century.

Today, the love and fascination of corsets continues to rise. There is nothing more feminine and appealing than the hourglass silhouette of a woman. Additionally, corsets serve many purposes and continue to be desired by a wide array of individuals and groups.

Many people simply enjoy the confidence and sensuality they experience when their figure is enhanced by a corset. Corsets have proven to be a very functional and always been a favorite with brides on their very special day, thus making them look instantly good with their wedding gowns too.

Apart of that, it is a favorite among women during confinement and breast feeding as corset is well known to reshape the body back to its original shape before pregnancy replacing the traditional 'bengkung' which can be very tedious in terms of wearing it.

Believe it or not,corsets have also been popular with the transgender community , as they can instantly acquire a curvier, more convincing feminine line under their clothes. Meaning that from a straight manly body, they may achieve curves by wearing corset constantly.Don't believe me, checkout drag shows. You'll be amazed by their curvy bodies. Hormone pills alone won't help with those curves!

Rupaul in corset. Should get his phone number, so that I could introduce Premium Beautiful to him. LOL!
Corsets are flourishing in entertainment industries as they're worn under evening wear making the person looking sexy and with fabulous body. They also do wonders for special occasions like a class reunion or wedding, as they hide flaws and enhance our shape under clothing.

Sarah Jessica Parker looks simply amazing with a corset dress.

Everyone can benefit from an appropriately designed corset.As old saying "You get what you pay for" applies here. Low end lingerie corsets are priced accordingly, representative of their worth. They are corsets that are created for looks only. Low quality corsets, are equivalent to laced-back bustiers that does not come with any health benefits.. They are not designed or equipped for true waist shaping, weight loss or even curing body aches. These garments utilize no front busk, plastic and bendable boning. They are mostly created for fashion wear.

As a result, they do not hold their form, fail to provide substantial upright back support, and do not mold to the natural curves of your body like a quality premium corset. The lacking quality and poor support does not allow one to experience the many benefits of corsetry or achieve the standard waist reduction, safely and efficiently. Consequently, these bustier-type garments are not capable of serving the main functional purpose of a corset which is to reshape, and enhance the figure, support the back, slim ones figure, and potentially assist with weight loss. A low quality corset simply does not have the quality, craftsmanship, durability or life expectancy of a premium quality corset. So, Ladies, please know the difference between Normal or Low quality corsets with Premium Corsets.

"Premium" refers to high quality constructed corsets with steel boning, binding busk and Infra Red Rays. Premium corsets are bona fide, genuine, real and true. Premium Beautiful corsets are crafted to the highest standards serving not only for beauty but also to assist in terms of health too.

Premium Beautiful corsets only uses the finest fabrics, quality materials, and reinforced stitching in construction. Within their construction includes boning of internal steel stays, steel spirals, and steel busk front closure which is utilized for strength and longevity. The exquisite craftsmanship and thorough attention to detail allows for a true quality corset that will hold it's form and give you many years of enjoyment, functionality and sensuality.

Corsets are designed to draw in the waist and flatten the tummy. First time wearers are usually surprised and delighted when they first see themselves in their new corset. Corsets slim and enhance any woman's body, whether she is generously curvy or straight up and down. Corsets not only give a slimmer appearance and smaller waist, but also enhance breasts and hips provocatively, giving a feeling of intense femininity and sensuality.

Combined with a healthy diet and a little bit of exercise, daily consumption of Lacto - Lite detox drink, regular and frequent wearing of your corset atleast 8 hours a day, may contribute to permanent waist reduction and weight loss. With the stomach restricted, you simply cannot take in as much food as usual. The restriction can slow eating down, thereby allowing one to feel full before overeating. The corset can therefore be an effective adjunct to a weight control program.

A corset should allow one to feel a pleasant hugging sensation and benefit from excellent posture. Many people find the sensation of being gently held straight with the back supported almost relaxing. Corsets have the capacity to modify your figure, your carriage and your movement. Your posture will be upright and confident, your figure smoothed out, and your more restricted movement will appear more elegant. Additionally, a properly fitting hourglass corset can reduce the amount of pressure put on the lower back, thereby alleviating discomfort.

So ladies,

Would you like an hourglass figure?

Would you like to appear slimmer?

Would you like to train your waist into shape?

Do you need back or posture support?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then Premium Beautiful Corset may be just what you're looking for!

Created and designed 70% for health and 30% for beauty.


Equipped with Far Infra Red Rays for health benefits and made of Akawdyne & Akwatek material for ultimate comfort.

Certified and acknowledged by Canadian Chiropractic Association for backaches and slip discs.

After all the explanation above, every woman SHOULD own a corset! A premium corset and NOT low quality ones.

Call me for free trial and consultation of Premium Beautiful Corsets.

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  1. For a shapely silhouette women are frequent to corsets -- for both under and outer wear.


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