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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Premium Beautiful : Why is it worth the investment.

There are plenty of corsets being sold out there. From normal traditional ones to fancy looking corsets that you can even wear it as a top.
Price ranges from as low as RM20 per piece to RM5000 for a set of it.

Before my Premium Beautiful days, I was a user of Triumph corset, Neubodi's corset and Bra, Xixili's lingerie, Wacoal, Wonderbra and etc.
Just name it, anything that was promoted to actually help me keep in shape and to increase my boobies size, I'll be the first one to purchase it.

Btw, I was very chubby but with flat chest.Thanks to ballet and swimming, I grew up wearing the wrong bra and was always with sports bra.

Anyway. my investment for all those lingeries were not cheap as Neubodi's bra would actually cost me RM400 each and there is no way that I could actually have only a set of it.
The bra strap would get loose or Triumphs corset or girdle will expand and would'nt provide any grip to my body after some time and bear in mind, once it's loose or with defects, the only thing that you may do is to just dump it in the bin for DBKL to pick it up
.No way that you may go to Wonderbra or Xixili, telling them that you want them to repair the bra for you as it's too costly to just throw it away.

But I am now thankful that I found Premium Beautiful Corset as it changed my life tremendously.

Physically and Financially!

Premium Beautiful Corset comes with :

- A Long Bra that is created to enhance my bust size (from a tiny B cup to a round E now! hahah!) and helps to flatten by back fats or chicken wing arms.

-A Long Girdle that flattens my tummy, shapes my buttocks, thighs and hips.
Yes, I'm with very round and firm butt.

- A Waist Nipper that grips my waist, realign my spinal cord and reduces my backache.I have tinier waist than before and my backache magically went away!

-The corset is equipped with Far Infra Red Rays at areas like the tummy which helps to burn fats and is proven for weight control programme as an hour under the FIR therapy increases the body metabolisme and temperature that eventually burns up to 900 calories, breaks down cellulite, waste, trapped water and toxic in the body.

Other than that, FIR also helps to improve skin conditions and reduces stretch marks.

-Material made of Akwatek /Akwadyne that helps improve the atmosphere next to the skin controlling temperature and comfort. No worries on sweating and itchiness.

Premium Beautiful is a set of lingerie that provides me with thousands of benefits includes :

-I no longer have to buy expensive bras every 2 or 3 months.

-I no longer need multiple girdles as the normal ones tends to tear off and gets loose easily.

-I no longer have to believe the cheap corsets being sold out there that claims they contain Infra Reds and bla bla bla.It does'nt work! I've tried!

-I no longer have to worry on bulges whenever I'm in tight fitting clothes.

-My posture is now better, I sit up straight, I don't slouch.

-I no longer have to invest on monthly diet drinks or diet pills that will only work when I'm with it. Once stopped and wwwooossssshhh goes the body back to it's original size or maybe even bigger!

-I no longer have to sign up for slimming centres that cost a bomb and by the end of the treatment presents me with a list of menu of food that I'm only allowed to eat. Accepting it, I get confuse whether am I still a human or a rabbit or cow cos the only thing that I'm allowed to eat are probably veges, veges and veges.I've tried few slimming centres. TRUST ME!

-I no longer have to enroll in Fitness centres with Personal trainers as only light exercise at home or a jog around the lake is sufficient enough.

-I no longer have to hold on to my cravings or have strong will power on reducing my food intake as the corset miraclely does it for you.

So with Premium Beautiful,

-Just Wear it 8 hours a day , and it helps me maintain my curves.

-I eat anything that I like,NO FOOD RESTRICTIONS and I still stay in Shape!

-It is not only a slimming corset but it comes with 101 health benefits too!

Strongly recommended for :

-Ladies worrying about weight issue and wanting to slim down.

-Ladies who have lost weight and need to shape up the excess skin.

-Ladies who wants to create curves to the body

-Ladies wanting to enhance their breast size.

-Ladies in confinement

-Ladies with irregular period and period pain

-Ladies with backache problems

-Ladies with stretchmark problems

-Ladies with conceiving problems

-Ladies with bowel and constipation problems

And the list goes on and on.

For something worth RM2000 a set, you'll be amazed with benefits that it provides you.

Only pay RM2000 ONE TIME, and you'll be enjoying the product till the rest of your life!

Product to be guaranteed good,

LIFETIME WARRANTY,FREE repair for any defects!

A simple calculation investing on Premium Beautiful Corset.

Pay ONE TIME RM2000.
Wear it 8 hours a day for the next 3-5 years.
RM2000/60 Months = RM33.33 per month!!

Can any slimming centres , Diet drinks or pills helps you keep in shape and still provide you with that kind of savings???

Think again girls!!


My 4 months transformation with Premium Beautiful Corset

Before Premium Beautiful days

4 months after Premium Beautiful

Call me, text me, FB me for free trial and consultation

019 383 4604

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