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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The post is a bit too late, but I just wanted to blog about it since i've received quite a few BBM messages asking on my jumpsuit recently.

Have you heard of Jumpsuits? Rompers? Playsuits?

Jumpsuits (as the most common name) are one piece garments, which cover your torso and your legs. They really trace their origins to a utilitarian garment to be worn by mechanics, parachuters and sky divers. The style was immensely popular in the 70s and 80s when the hippy era kicked in and anything conventional was a taboo.

My mom said she used to love wearing jumpsuits with her chunky earrings, bangles, rings and killer platforms.

In the past, jumpsuits as a trend has been sometimes hot and sometimes not, however, with the coming few seasons, they have been touted to be a big fashion item.

First of all, without the right design,it'll make you look like a janitor or some engineer who's about to step into the field and secondly, they make pee-ing and poo poo-ing really tedious.

Some even worry that it'll make them look fatter, shorter or might not fit the whole body nicely.

Quite a lot of us may feel that only the very lucky few blessed with flawless figures can really afford to wear jumpsuits, you will be surprised at the variety of jumpsuits that are available to choose from.

We explore the different kinds of jumpsuits available for various occasions, what to wear them with, body types it suits the most etc.

Picking the right jumpsuit for you

There are actually many different types of jumpsuits available in stores and not all of them are suitable for all body types - so here's a run-down on some of the most common types that you could choose based on your body type!

How to choose a jumpsuit based on your body type?

If you thought, jumpsuits were only for the perfect size 0 figure, think again!

Jumpsuits could be for almost all women – yes, including the curvier ones, however, you need to find the right kind of suit style, depending upon your body type.

If you have any doubts in your mind about wearing a jumpsuit, visualize yourself as wearing a top and a long pant, this will give you a good insight about what looks right on you.
If you prefer a loose fitted trouser and a top, go for a jump suit that is loose and makes you feel comfortable, if you are okay with showing off your figure, you could opt for a tight fitted jumpsuit as well.

Ordinarily, if you are a first timer, you could go with the thumb rule of not too loose and neither too fitted.

Let's check out some celebrities with different body shapes parading their jumpsuits.

Jumpsuit for Pear body shapes

Wider hips and thighs
Narrower shoulders
Wider bottom
Smaller bust

If you are pear shaped, go for styles which bring the attention upwards to your torso – so try out halter neck styles, long sleeves or sleeveless styles.
Accessories well at your neck area.
A plunging neckline also is a great way to divert the attention.
Don’t go for too loose fitting bottoms as they tend to make your butt look bigger.
Avoid shorter lengths.
Avoid pin stripes altogether.

Jumpsuit for Apple body shapes

Larger Bust.
Broader Shoulders.
Narrower Hips
Less Defined Waist

If you are apple shaped, go for styles which have interesting leg features such as harem pants or cuffed bottoms.
You could even try interesting twin colored styles where the color of the top is darker than at the bottom to give a slimier look.
Avoid big prints or horizontal prints on the torso.
Go in for shorter lengths so as to bring your attention to your legs.

Jumpsuit for Petites

If you are petite, Use of interesting belts worn a little lower than your natural waist also tends to add height.
Opt for preferably longer length jumpsuits and team your outfits with heels. Vertical stripes will work wonders to add height to your petite frame.

Jumpsuit for Plus-size

If you are a plus size like meeee, avoid wearing lighter colors and horizontal stripes.
Wear darker colors and avoid tailored, structured suits which can add some more dimension to your shoulders.
Pay special attention to the choice of fabrics as these could make or break the look.
Fabrics which cling to your body such as silk or fine knits are to be avoided at all costs. Go in for soft chiffons, cottons etc. instead.

Once you have the confidence of wearing a jumpsuit style, you could try out the various options (yes you read it right – OPTIONS) of the style that are available in the market. Jumpsuits could be categorized by the occasions that they could be worn to (ranging right from casual, sporty, sexy, conservative and even formal), the lengths they are available in, the materials etc.

Lastly, me in straight leg jumpsuit which I paired with a short jacket and a cardigan with a belt or clincher.

Suits best for office or casual wear.

Mix and match it, and you'll get the right style for you.

Material is made of ITY and the jumpsuit is available at Girlies Barn.

Consider investing in jumpsuits this season for special events, as they promise to be a mainstay in the fashion world.

Remember the tips given above.

With the appreciative glances that the outfit is sure to fetch you, chances are you will be heading to the store very soon for buying another one!

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  1. All the girls love fashion. They want their dress to be fashionable and always in a trend. This latest trend for jumpsuits for women is very elegant. I like the fashion clothing it is simple but we can wear it in any casual occasion. Thanks for sharing.


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