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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Seoul Garden @ KL Festival City Mall

Was out with mom on a mom and daugther's day out last week. We were at KL Festival City Mall in Setapak to check out the newly built mall.

Well, I think it's quite a nice neighborhood mall filled with plenty of exciting makan places.

They have all sorta shops from clothings to books, even game stores. Oooo.. yeah and they have Parkson Departmental Store too.

The MBO cinema will be operating soon, so I guess, It's gonna be a fun packed mall with families and youngsters.

We jalan jalan for about an hour, checking out shops, and finally mom said she was hungry and we decided to land up at Seoul Garden Buffet since both of us are big eaters!!

To my future hubby, yes, your future Mom in law likes to eat, just like your future wife too!! So when you decide to treat her, please don't bring her to places that she won't be able to order till the whole table is full.

Seoul Garden in Festival Mall is located at the Ground Floor near the side entrance.

They have special pricing for Senior citizens and kids too!!

Place was empty when I was there since it was quite early for dinner. Clean and comfy place with simple decos.

Once paid, you'll be assigned a table and we chose Tomyam for our soupy dishes.
You get to choose either Tomyam or Chiken Soup, Chinese Herbal or Kimchi.

That's our Tomyam Soup with grill where you can either boil or gril your dishes.
Exciting actvity for those who just love grilling. It's another way of having BBQ without having to do any cleanings after that!

They have tons of foods to choose from. I went crazy looking at the meat section!!
The best was the thinly sliced marinated chicken and beef. Simply heaven! The beef was so tender and sweet, till I could'nt stop grilling and topping up my plate with it.

The seafood section for marine lovers.

The nice crunchy fresh veggies. I loved the mushrooms and kangkung!

They served plenty choices of dried mee too for you to boil in the tomyam soup.

Sauces and dippings from Sweet, Spicy, Sourish and chopped garlics.

There's also rendangs and samosa. Well not really my favorite since M more interested on their simply sedap beef.

Multiple flavors of ice cream from Chocolate, Yam, Vanilla, Strawberry and with nutty and chocolaty toppings.

I love ice cream! Had 4 scoops of this..Shuuussshhh... Dont tell anybody k!

Not to forget the fruits and those yummy ice kacang fillings. Forgot to snap the ice kacang machine.

We started dinner by grilling those yummy chicken and beef fillets. Memang sedap.

Then we dumped in those veges, my favorite was of course the mushrooms and stuffed bitter gourd.

The memang sedap mushrooms.

The marinated seafood.Sedapnye. Looking at this makes me hungry.

Mom busy grilling cos I was such a lazy bum.

The outcome of the boilings. SEEEDAAAAAPPPNYAAAAAAA

Our empty plates and oh so messy table.

Our STUFFED FILLED FACES.How come I look big only after a round of buffet?? Was I trying to cover my tummy???

After hours of fun filled foods, to the toilet we go.

Verdict : Nice place to fill up your tummy and the best place for big eaters!!

Noticed that the word SEDAP is being used for more than 10 times in this post alone??
So that is a way for me to tell you that it is really SEDAP!

Price : Reasonable.

So wait no more and run to your nearest outlet. They are located at Plaza Pantai, One Utama, IOI Mall and many more. View their website for more info.

Will definitely come back for more grilled beefs!!


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